Letterpressed Poems

A Short Break.

Hello, I’ll be travelling for work the next couple of days and can’t guarantee that I’ll have time to create regular posts. It’s been a really fun and interesting project and I have a goal for the end of all this that lines up with what Loren is doing.

I’ll get as much queued as possible, but in the meantime, here are my top five favorites thus far:

Catsup Flyby - The first one I put together. I love the line: “buffalo-fabulous nachos, jugs.” This poem for me evokes the feeling of being in a diner and a bit tipsy late at night. Love it.

Prayings, Grains - Seems like a mini epic to me. Imagery of battle are conjured.

Queened Tricycle Recycles - A century of progress. Early industrial America.

Brocaded Acreage - I feel that this is definitely an ode to writing. I see pages of pressed handwriting (Brocaded acreage) and oodles of eraser marks (how to erase, but ‘GIngerly’?).

LP Submissions: Treatment Taint(Contained) - Submitted by @thebdr. I imagine some type of disease outbreak and resolution where May is the month it was resolved.

That’s it for now. There will be regular posts in the coming days. Thanks!

Bragger, Garbage Gauger — Forage!!

Bragger, garbage gauger — forage!!
Forager, gouge!
Gouger, ferret!

Rafter, terroir barrier.
Rarebit cabaret, breacher.

'Teacher! Richer grief? — Griefer?' Rarity.
Rotary, gratify; Query route.

Brighter terror jogger:
'Jigger Trigger.'

Brief Briefer: ‘Froggier, roguer.’

Cherrier router, jure trier.
Fogger breather, rebirth.

Acquire curer tour juror.
Grouch fixer terrify jot.